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About Primorsko

Primorsko is situated on the Black Sea coast, in a picturesque location within lush greenery in the southern part of the Black Sea coast of the country - exceptional combination of oak forest, clear sea and wide beaches covered with fine golden sands. The resort is located 50 km south of Burgas, 15 km north of the town of Tsarevo, and lies on a rocky peninsula in the Strandzha Mountain. In these places the climate is pretty mild, moderate subtropical with little rainfalls. The average air temperature is 26-30 degrees and the coastal water temperature - 24-28 degrees. The combination of these factors leads to the endurance of the bathing season from early June to early October, and attracts thousands of holiday-makers, mainly students and young people in Primorsko.

Primorsko area teems with ruins of ancient cities and fortresses which have existed in these places long before our epoch. The last of the ancient cities, ruins of which are located on the hill of Vulchanovo Kale, was Ranule. The thracian megalith sanctuary of Beglik-Tash has been recently discovered a few kilometers from the hill.

Ropotamo and Arkutino reserves are outlined against the natural sights of Primorsko.

Ropotamo is located on the banks of the eponymous river, along which tropical lianas grow, and a large number of all kinds of birds, animals and mammals live in the forests. It is only six kilometers from Primorsko.

Arkutino National Park is located 15 kilometers from the resort of Primorsko. It is remarkable for its abundance of rare plants occurring on its area, especially considering that most of them are not typical for this latitude.

Another picturesque place on the area of Primorsko and its surroundings is the famous “Luvska glava” /’’Lion's head’’/, rising high above the water surface of the Ropotamo river. The shape of this amazing rock formation actually looks like a lion's head. From the top of the hill there is a great view of the local environment and Ropotamo reserve.


International Youth Center is located a kilometer from Primorsko. It is the largest youth center in Europe, world-famous seaside resort with a House of Culture and a Summer Theater, a stadium, swimming pools and sports facilities, attracting more than 70 000 young people from all over world each year. Ten kilometers to the west, in the village of Yasna Polyana, a museum of the writer Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy was opened. Primorsko has been a member of the Blue Flag European organization since 1994. The Blue Flag program includes the following duties and activities: quality of the sea water and coastal areas, beach safety and maintenance, environmental education. The extremely wide variety of options for complete recreation is a distinctive feature of Primorsko. A large number of renowned nightclubs, discos, restaurants and cafes are open there.

The majority of the houses and hotels are located in the coastal strip of the resort, literally a five minutes’ walk to the two-kilometer beach. All the vacationers have the unique choice between the open sea to the north, attracting the surfing lovers, and the peaceful bay in the southern part of Primorsko, protected by the peninsula. South beach has a length of more than three kilometers and width up to 50 meters. It is considered old, and is more urbanized. You should pass over a suspension bridge over Dyavolska River in order to reach it. The beach is covered with fine golden sands and gently slopes to the water. North beach has a length of more than 1500 m and width up to 25 meters. It is a little farther from the residential buildings. This beach is covered with coarse sand and the water is more transparent. There is another beach next to the Perla /Pearl/ residence, where the water is clean and crabs and clams are widespread. A touris train reaches this area. There are pretty diverse entertainment options on the beach. Here you can hire jet skis and pedalos, ride on boat, motorboat or banana, practise surfing or paragliding, ascend in the sky with para-motors or dive into the deep sea under the supervision of an instructor. There are soccer field and track and field facilities; volleyball, basketball and handball playgrounds; outdoor tennis courts and indoor hall with pool and tennis tables within the area of Primorsko. The sports complex of the water park has a modern gym. There is spa center here where you can relax and do some medical procedures after strenuous exercises.


The local water park is a main children’s entertainment center.  In addition to the numerous slides here, there are also pools, equipped with a system creating the sea wave effect, and a great artificial river. Besides the water park, there are also various amusement parks and attractions, slot machine halls, day and night clubs in Primorsko. Within the area of the youth center there is a summer theater under the open sky, the scene of which is a field of various concerts and shows.

Primorsko is relatively a new resort and enjoys great popularity among the Russians and tourists from Western and Eastern Europe.